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nicole03I was raised watching my mom struggle with Crohn’s Disease- a disease that is incurable according to conventional medicine. In 1998 her disease went into remission and she has lived without Crohn’s to this day. It was because of her journey that I discovered natural medicine and decided to pursue my passion for helping others regain their health as well.
Wellness, being healthy, natural medicine, it’s all a way of life. A thought process. It’s ingrained into you. That’s what I have come to realize over the years and is the foundation of what I teach my patients. 

How we live our life from the food we eat, to the relationships we have, to the thoughts we think, all shape our being and the health of our bodies.
Throughout my own journey I discovered nutrition, massage therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and was exposed to several other healing modalities. After my undergraduate program and finishing a two year program in massage and holistic healthcare, I completed a four year degree in naturopathic medicine. The philosophy and approach to the body as a whole felt right and was in line with the amazing transformation I saw my mom go through.
I also have been teaching holistic nutrition online with the Energetic Health Institute for the last year and have taught holistic nutrition since 2012. 

My husband, Vincent, and I have three dogs- Oliver, Honey and Mighty, who bring us so much joy and lots of laughs. We live in Ahwatukee and love spending time with friends and family in this great community. In my spare time, I enjoy doing home projects with Vincent, traveling, cooking, finding anything and everything on Pinterest, reading, running my cabi business and spending time with our furry friends.

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