Inspired Living Program

6 month program:
Who this is for: Do you have a chronic health issue or maybe a couple of concerns that have been occurring for quite a while. You’ve tried different things on your own and have not been successful in resolving these concerns. Maybe you’ve also been working with MDs and have been offered medications- you either would like to get off of these medications or want a healthier alternative. Whether it is weight loss, digestive issues, women’s health, energy levels or chronic illness this program would be a perfect fit. You want in, and you want it all. This is it.
What’s included: Discovery session and medical intake, weekly or bimonthly coaching calls, monthly hour follow up appointments, unlimited email and text support, grocery shopping trip, kitchen makeover, food and nutrient testing, handouts, exercises, and so much more! This is the most comprehensive program I offer.

The I want it all program, the complete transformation you’ve been waiting for

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